A Recap of Our KBIS 2024 Experience

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A demo kitchen from the KBIS (The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show)

A Recap of Our KBIS 2024 Experience

July 3, 2024

Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends from KBIS 2024

The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2024 was incredible this year! As always, it was a hub of innovation and inspiration, and we at Dovetail Custom Kitchens in Branford, CT, were thrilled to be part of it. From sourcing amazing new products to connecting with industry professionals, the event left us buzzing with excitement and new ideas to bring back to our clients. 

Here’s a recap of the top trends and highlights from KBIS 2024:

1. Embracing Curves: A Modern Twist

One of the standout trends this year was the resurgence of curves in kitchen design. From large radius corners to rounded sinks, arched-top glass doors, and round knobs, these organic shapes are making a stylish comeback. The modern twist on rounded details adds a touch of softness and comfort to the kitchen space, creating an inviting and harmonious atmosphere. We’re excited to incorporate these elements into our custom designs, offering a contemporary feel that enhances the overall aesthetic of any kitchen.

2. Vibrant Colors: Making a Bold Statement

Color continues to reign supreme in kitchen design, and this year’s KBIS showcased an even more vibrant palette than before. We saw a stunning array of colorful sinks, faucets, hardware, cabinetry, appliances, and countertops. Soft greens, peach, and burgundy were particularly prominent, adding a lively and dynamic feel to kitchen spaces. As lifelong fans of vibrant color, we’re ecstatic to see this trend gaining momentum. It allows for a playful and personalized approach to kitchen design, making each space truly unique.

3. Bell-Shaped Faucets: A Trendy New Look

Fixtures are like fashion, and this year’s trend is the bell-shaped faucet. Although not personally a fan, we couldn’t ignore the popularity of these bell-shaped fixtures at the show. They seem to complement the current trend in fashion, much like the resurgence of wide-leg pants. Whether you love them or not, bell-shaped faucets are making a statement, and for those looking to stay on-trend, they might be the perfect addition to your kitchen.

4. Funky Textures and Unconventional Materials

KBIS 2024 was a treasure trove of innovative materials and textures for cabinet fronts. We saw everything from porcelain and powder-coated steel to natural stone. Lacquers and high-gloss finishes were also prominently featured, adding a sleek and modern touch to kitchen designs. One of the most exciting innovations was the integration of LED lighting in cabinetry, especially in drawers, providing both functionality and a wow factor.

5. Custom Hoods: The Ultimate Statement Piece

Custom hoods have always been a focal point in kitchen design, but this year they have truly become a statement piece. At KBIS, we saw a variety of custom hoods that serve as both functional elements and forms of artistic expression. These hoods are designed to stand out and reflect the unique personality and style of the homeowner, turning the kitchen into a space of creativity and individuality.

Bringing the Latest Trends to Branford, CT

Our time at KBIS 2024 has filled us with inspiration and excitement for the future of kitchen design. We’re eager to bring these cutting-edge trends and products to our clients in Branford, CT, and beyond. Whether you’re looking to embrace modern curves, infuse your kitchen with vibrant colors, or incorporate any of the other fantastic trends we’ve highlighted, Dovetail Custom Kitchens is here to make your dream kitchen a reality.

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